I was going to post a list of bands and tracks that I listened to from year that I wanted to note. But to my suprise much of what I’ve been listening to this year has actually been from 2008. Perhaps it was all the traveling in 2008-2009 but a lot more tunes than I would have expected were 2008 ones. So I could do a whole decade retrospective but that’s going to take a whole different frame of mind. Where I was in 2000 versus 2010.. well, a lot of things have changed. That’s for sure.

I only make it out to 3 shows this year. I think the least amount since the mid 80s. Given that the kids are older now that shouldn’t be the case (a resolution for 2010). For documentations sake: Eleventh Dream Day/Mekons @ hideout (great but i could just be nostalgia), Art Brut @ schubas (great, awesome), Waco Brothers @ schubas (good).

But somehow I thought it was a great year for music. I don’t have actual reasons to feel this way (fewer concerts, fewer 2009 tracks) but I did..

So some good things.. (some 2009 others just things I enjoyed in 2009):

That’s pretty much a dump of my 2009 mp3 lists from my blackberry.. should figure out a way to post those automatically; could be fun to read in 2020.. Happy 2010 in music.