The annual pledge marathon ends tomorrow on WFMU. They are aiming for 1.2 million dollars.. pretty ambitious but they are getting pretty close to 1 million.

A great station.. first listened to it searching for more Ted Leo music and came across Terre T’s Cherry Blossom Clinic. She’s had Ted live as well as Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby; plays M.O.T.O as well as The Raspberries.

I could go on about my favorite DJs but generally anyone is worth listening to for 15 minutes at least and you can listen to most of their past shows so you can become a fan easily.

The site is a great example of what a radio site should be. Archives, playlists, comments.. it’s all there. Realtime listening is in nearly any format you could desire. The flash player displays the current and next track. I’m listening to the ACC stream at this very moment.

So you should listen and pledge as well.

WFMU – 91.1 .. “the freeform station of the nation”.. “the fun 91”

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