Made a simple mashup to pull events from Google Calendar into Twitter. Needs a lot more polish to be more useful than a demo but it currently pulls any events off the specified calendar and tweets their title.

Not sure if it makes more sense to pull all events off a specified calendar or to have some sort of label on the events that should (or shouldn’t) be pulled in.

The goal was to avoid forgetting to tweet actual events. Not sure that forcing through events really solves that problem but it was interesting to do.

Pulled down the google gdata python client libraries (dev guide here) and it was fairly quick work to pull the data out of the calendar feeds.

Had some issues getting the 2 twitter api I attempted to use (they wouldn’t load.. may have an older python). So I used urllib2 and setup the twitter (RESTful) web service calls directly. It’s pretty direct and simple to setup.

Now I can run a script and have any appointment that starts in the next 15 minutes added as a tweet automatically.