Went to Loews 600 N. Michigan to see Madagascar on Saturday. We were suprised to see a preview for the very movie we were waiting for. Then the feature presenation started and it turned out to be Monster-In-Law. This led to much confusion and people wandering around to see if we should go to a different theatre, etc. They hit the switch right as the knowing friends advised Jennifer Lopez that her problem was that she hadn’t had sex (they actually cut it right as the word sex was said) which no doubt saved a lot of parents from difficult questions.
Then after a bit of confusion someone could be seen in the projection room and eventually (after 5 minutes or so) we were treated to a replay of their ads then the previews again (not for the same movies though). This led to a lot of booing, etc but eventually everyone calmed down and we enjoyed the show (not a great movie but Rainey especially enjoyed it).
I’d actually forgotten the beginning annoyances as we left after the show but there was a guy (in a suit no less) holding the door open and he mumbled an apology for the delay then handed us 4 passes for a future movie. An assistant handed us 4 coupons for free pops as well.
There was a large line waiting for the next show (due to the delay of our show) and I saw that they all got some sort of coupons as well.
Hopefully we won’t forget to use the passes as we don’t see a ton of movies but it was certainly a nice gesture on their part.
I suppose the (beaten?) projectionists union would say that had they been running the movie there wouldn’t have been a problem but it was a pleasant suprise to be remembered at all (especially since I’d really forgotten the intial problems).