Lots of misc stuff…
Bhabi’s for dinner with the kids friends and their parents.
Hugh’s art class at the Art Institue..
took the bus and picked up When Corruption was King and discovered a Chicago Mural book that lists all murals in the area. Ended up picking that one up at the Art Institue where we also (quickly) toured Unbuilt Chicago in the Architecture semicircle. Also got a new edition of theAIA Guide to Chicago. Incredible book with a ton of buildings I’d wondered about around here. I need a portable version (electronic?). It’s too big to not fall out of a jacket pocket.
Sunday after breakfast at the diner Hugh and I headed to American Science and Surplus for magnifying glasses and other misc things. Rainey and Kate went to the Lifeline Theatre to see Bunnicula with Zoe and Mary so Hugh and I headed out on bike to check out the buildings from the AIA guide. Hadn’t explored Loyola’s campus at all before. A few nice buildings there but the best thing might have been the sundail on the library tower. I think we’d better make one of those.
Also saw a great panorma of Chicago in terra-cotta. Best book ever I think.
Finally got to stop at The Armadillo’s Pillow, a used book store on sheridan by Pratt. Very nice. Picked up a few more Chicago books and Hugh got a new (for him) Richard Scarry. A very nice store.
Then off to see “The Answer”, a somewhat controversial play put on by some parishoners of St.Gerts. Quite well done and the archdiose seems to have shot themselves in the foot by preventing it from being performed at st gerts (it was put on a few blocks away).

Abortion play given a stage

Published September 21, 2004

CHICAGO — An Edgewater parish prevented by the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago from staging an abortion-themed play will get its opening night after all, thanks to a nearby Lutheran church that offered to host the production.

St. Gertrude Catholic Parish was in rehearsals for “The Answer,” a play written by parishioner and screenwriter Delle Chatman, when its pastor, Rev. William Kenneally, received word from Bishop Francis J. Kane that the production was inappropriate and could not be performed on church grounds.

After the news became public last week, congregations from the North Shore suburbs to the Beverly neighborhood offered to host the production, Chatman said. Now “The Answer” will be performed Oct. 1-3 at Immanuel Lutheran Church, 1500 W. Elmdale Ave., just two blocks from St. Gertrude’s.

“We were so thrilled with the response,” said Chatman, who started writing the play more than a decade ago. “It was just very gratifying.”

The story features a senator who sees his re-election bid derailed after he is denied Communion for supporting abortion-rights legislation.

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