from the Chicago Magazine food/restaurant email newsletter….

Roman Holiday
“I have cooked for ‘happy’ all my life,” says Rome native Donatella Majore De
+Vette, recalling the parties and dinners she was known for among friends. In
+June 2003, she decided to bring “happy” to the rest of us and opened the tiny
+La Cucina di Donatella (2221 W. Howard St.; 773-262-6533) in West Rogers Park,
+where she’s the chef, owner, waitress, and publicist. Just listen to her
+describe a recent special of fusilli tartufo, and try to resist: “It’s five
+kinds of mushrooms: porcini, portobello, oyster, shiitake, button. We saute in
+a white-wine sauce with garlic, red pepper–a little bit, not too much. And
+then we add black truffle pate and white truffle olive oil.”