As nearly anyone who has talked to me in the past few weeks knows, I’m in the midst (or beginning really) of the project to convert the 400+ albums to digital.
I have a pretty good system down now, ripping each side of an album to a flac file. It runs in realtime so it take about half an hour per side. I’ve done over 40 at this point (more than 6″ in the discard pile).
FLAC files are losslessly compressed so they are as good as I can do with the equipment (new needle was required). Then I can convert them to mp3 or ogg or whatever. Each side is generally around 120MB. MP3 versions are 25-30MB.
It’s been really great to hear these albums again. I knew I was going to enjoy Elvis Costello’s Armed Forces but I had completely forgotten how much I love Heaven 17. And, in what must be an album of Kate’s, I have a new favorite in the Housemartins. Great stuff. Billy Bragg at his best, Joe Jackson from the first 3 albums, the first Clash,… I should have done this ages ago.