2016 Music

Live, 2016 music was dominated for me with the custom show held for me for my big 50 birthday. A scratch band of sorts came together including Amy Rigby, Maceo Haymes, Liam Cunningham, Lane Beckstom and Spencer Tweedy. Playing originals along with Mekons, Eleventh Dream Day and Freakwater covers it was really a show that will probably never be equaled since it was so specifically customized for me. Thanks to all the musicians and most of all to Kate who gave herself hives setting it all up. What a wonderful surprise. When I saw Maceo and realized what was happening I could not have been any happier.

Concert-wise it was Mekons at the Hideout, Wreckless Eric at the Owl, Amy Rigby at a house concert in Western Springs, Kevin Morby, Digable Planets and the Savages at Pitchfork. Brian Wilson was a real disappointment at the same. It looked as if he had been forced onstage and clearly didn’t want to be there. Pretty much the downer of the year.

I’d have to say the highlight for live music was at Postock. Lots of interesting stuff but nothing mind blowing until The Bambir. There’s nothing on the web that captures them live. It’s almost not worth checking out any of their music. They are amazing live and perhaps you need to be in a barn after a storm to really appreciate them but it was one of the most intense shows I’ve ever seen.

Thinking about the music of 2016, I think Car Seat Headrest will be the band I recall when I think of 2016 in ten or fifteen years. Plug.dj came back to life and we got a family plan for Spotify. Discover Weekly seems to have an almost sixth sense about what I want to hear. I still love my DJs on WFMU, WMBR, WRFL, WLUW and Chirp but their algorithms are pretty amazing.

‘Seeing’ Anderson.Paak at SXSW on http://www.npr.org/event/music/470454283/anderson-paak-the-free-nationals-am-i-wrong-live-at-sxsw-2016 made it easier to accept missing his live show at Pitchfork (just seemed too crowded after a long day in the sun). And in the What Else Have I Missed dept i happened across a few covers of Chris Knox’s Not Given Lightly and while the covers were good the original is really something else. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaSV0ymL8jk if you’ve never heard it. Giant hit and artist in New Zealand. The Bats were another find from there in 2016.

Not so much the best of 2016 but rather some songs I noted throughout the year.


Mr. Birdsong – Arbor Labor Union
Lost the Ghost – Chook Race
Don’t Bother Me – Scott & Charlene’s Wedding
Razorblade the Tape – Slum Of Legs
Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales – Car Seat Headrest
High Castle Rock – Chris Forsyth
Hey You – The Thermals
Voices in My Head – Bob Mould
Memory – Violent Femmes
Fortune Guns – Music Band
Amazing Supermarkets – The Gotobeds
Believer – Decorations
On the Radio – The Britemores
Simone on the Beach – Mekons
Dust – Parquet Courts
Ultralight Beam – Kanye West
Shut Up Kiss Me – Angel Olsen
Am I Wrong – Anderson .Paak
Future Mixtape For The Art Kids – Beach Slang
Drone Bomb Me – ANOHNI




2010 Music

Another year of good music.. but not many shows. Looking back at 2009 posts I see that the one show I thought I saw in 2010 was actually 2009. Did see a great Waco Bros/Eleventh Dream Day show at the Hideout in the winter. And I see there’s an actual new Eleventh Dream Day album out in 2011 so more shows for sure. And a solo Ted Leo show in February is something to look forward to. Seeing Amy and Wreckless led to seeing Holly Golightly in the spring. Amy and Eric were great (of course) and the new album good as well.

Some stuff in 2010 I liked a lot:

Nothing in 2010?

Suprised I didn’t post anything aside from music of 2009 in 2010. Tumblr, Twitter, Foursquare… guess that’s why.. but going to at least do a music post this year.

2009 Music

I was going to post a list of bands and tracks that I listened to from year that I wanted to note. But to my suprise much of what I’ve been listening to this year has actually been from 2008. Perhaps it was all the traveling in 2008-2009 but a lot more tunes than I would have expected were 2008 ones. So I could do a whole decade retrospective but that’s going to take a whole different frame of mind. Where I was in 2000 versus 2010.. well, a lot of things have changed. That’s for sure.

I only make it out to 3 shows this year. I think the least amount since the mid 80s. Given that the kids are older now that shouldn’t be the case (a resolution for 2010). For documentations sake: Eleventh Dream Day/Mekons @ hideout (great but i could just be nostalgia), Art Brut @ schubas (great, awesome), Waco Brothers @ schubas (good).

But somehow I thought it was a great year for music. I don’t have actual reasons to feel this way (fewer concerts, fewer 2009 tracks) but I did..

So some good things.. (some 2009 others just things I enjoyed in 2009):

That’s pretty much a dump of my 2009 mp3 lists from my blackberry.. should figure out a way to post those automatically; could be fun to read in 2020.. Happy 2010 in music.

New Blogs

Two people I know well have just started blogging and I thought I’d link to them…

Maps N Cars is just what you’d expect from the name and from the 9 year old who writes it. Lots of pictures of cars and some of maps.

ReadNStuff is a little newer and will be at a minimum documenting the books (and books and more books) that are read. Other stuff for sure.

It’s interesting to see how quickly they (9 and 10) pick up the mechanics of using wordpress. Didn’t explain linking but someone commented that the car pictures would be good as links. So showed that button and now it’s second nature.

Location Services

I’ve been using Latitude on Google Maps my BlackBerry and love the idea of making this location information more available. FireEagle is a service from Yahoo that makes this location info available to other applications. That’s perfect but need a way to get it updated automatically..

MoosTrax, that’s the application (runs as a service on my BlackBerry Bold) and updates MoosTrax (maps of location, etc) and also updates FireEagle. So today as I moved around town FireEagle was up to date and now MoosTrax shows my travels.

So my location can be made available (using OAuth of course) to any app that I authorize. And I’ll authorize MyPalIMBot (once I write that code) and then TEMP and ADDress will take into account my real location.

If I add a twitter post function then it can geotag the tweets.

I saw something last week that 2010 would be the year of location. Perhaps that’s true.. It will be for me.

Google Voice

Playing with google voice and so just trying a little call widget. Give me a ring…

Widget above